The "Letaher Kosher Waze Device" is Back in Stock

Posted by Avraham Dirnfeld on

We are pleased to announce that after a few months that the Letaher Kosher Waze Only Device was out of stock, we have made a lot of effort to get it back in stock and we can now happily say that it's now back in stock and available to buy. The Letaher kosher Waze only device can be found here.


Why is the Letaher Kosher Waze Only Device so popular?

The Letaher Kosher Waze Only Device is the only kosher Waze device that has Waze and also Google Maps, and is foolproof in that it cannot be reset to a smartphone. Users had a very good experience with it, using it to travel internationally, and also because the device is from Motorola, it is strong and fast.


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