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The POM Kosher Phone is a flip phone with many features. It has an on-screen full keyboard as well as a Yiddish T9 keyboard. This makes typing in Yiddish much easier.

The POM Kosher Phone also contains a number of other kosher-friendly functions, including:

  • On screen keyboard (Including Yiddish)
  • T9, also on Yiddish
  • Easy voice messaging
  • Conference call up to 5 recipients
  • 64GB storage
  • Yiddish calendar and Z'manim
  • Voice-to-text
  • Very clear camera

Talk only version also includes:

  • Auto-text response indicating that the phone does not allow text messaging
  • Even though that text is restricted, you could continue to get verification codes

The POM Kosher Phone is certified and approved by the VAAD Hakehilos, that is accepted by most kehilos and mosdos.

Note: This kosher phone is compatible with Verizon and US Mobile

Note: Service is not included you can separately buy a plan and enroll in auto refill by contacting us, you can see here the plans that are available.

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