What Apps Can I Have on My Kosher Smartphone?

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 A kosher smartphone can have a variety of app's, most kosher smartphones have Email, Google maps and Waze, excluded the Safe Telecom Mehadrin kosher smartphone, (the Safe Telecom Mehadrin kosher smartphone is the most kosher smartphone, and it doesn't have any app), the other kosher smartphones will also have Torah, Navigation, Weather and Judaism Tools, the Safe Telecom Plus will also have Banking, Money Management and Local Shopping app's, and the Safe Telecom Premium will also have Cloud Sync Storage, Business and Printing app's.

some kosher app's on a kosher smartphone safe telecom

What about WhatsApp?

There are some smartphones that can have filtered WhatsApp, because WhatsApp is very tricky to filter it may not be the best idea for you to have on your kosher smartphone, however there are some filters so if you need it kosher you can get it.

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