Israel and USA

How do I call from Israel to the USA?

Calling instructions

To make international calls from Israel:

to call dial 019 + country code + city code + phone number Example: 019-1-212-555-5555

To send SMS text messages:

To send SMS messages to the USA prefix the phone number with 001, e.g. 001-212-555-1212. to receive SMS messages, it needs to be sent to the Israeli number (not to the the US Local number) e.g. 011-972-55-999-1212.

Local number instructions:

When you get a local number, people calling you from the US can reach you by calling the local number and will be transferred directly to your Israeli phone number.

If you want to setup call forwarding to automatically transfer all calls from any US phone, remember to complete the call forwarding setup wen you are in US.

Follow your carrier specific instructions to start and stop your call forwarding.

(For Verizon costumers dial: *72 + US local number + send. To cancel call forwarding dial: *73 + send)

Support Information 

For support:

  • Before you exit the Ben Gurion airport, visit the 24 hour 019 store / help desk at the right side before the airport exit door (after passing thru customs)
  • Call 055-991-2345 / 1-800-019-019

Data Settings

To enable data on your phone follow these steps:

  1. Setup Access Point Names Enter the following; Name: 019 APN:019
  2. Make sure data roaming is on
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