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The 3 Types Of Kosher Phones

In today's modern world, where technology advances at a rapid pace, there are more kosher phones available than ever before, and we can expect that the number of kosher phones available will double in the next few years. However, there are numerous types of kosher phones, and people can become even more perplexed when discussing kosher phones because it can be difficult to determine which kosher phone they are referring to.

The 3 Main Categories

  1. Talk Only.

    The first one on the list and the most kosher one is the talk-only kosher phone. The talk-only kosher phone is a flip phone, or as some refer to it, a dump phone, that has been disconnected from the internet and has no access to it; it is impossible to re-enable it, and even the most sophisticated hacker would be unlikely to gain access to it in order to open the internet. All apps, including the browser and play store, have been uninstalled, and it does not support text messaging. The only text messages that it can receive are the emergency alerts that the government sends out in case of an emergency; otherwise, it cannot text; it also doesn't have a camera or music player to ensure that it is pure kosher and meets the standard guideline requirements and those of the filtering companies like Tag Meshimer and Letaher.

  2. Talk and text.

    The second phone on the list is the Talk & Text Kosher Phone, which is the same as the Talk Only Kosher Phone, which has no internet and no apps. The difference is that the talk and text kosher phone also has the option of text messaging, and sometimes it can also have a camera and music player. This phone is also approved by Tag as a kosher phone for those who need it for business or other important matters. It is not recommended for children to play with or use because it is not as kosher as the Talk Only kosher phone.

  3. Filtered Smartphone.

    Even though it is called a smartphone, a filtered smartphone has most of the functions of a regular smartphone, such as text messaging and internet access, as well as a browser and other apps. The difference between a regular smartphone and a filtered smartphone is that the filtered smartphone has a strong filter that does not allow some websites and can block some inappropriate content. and not all apps can be installed on it; there is one type of filtered smartphone that is a little more kosher than other ones by having the browser app removed entirely, and it only has a limited number of apps that can be installed on it, and it is from a kosher app store that only has kosher apps on it; that is the SafeTelecom kosher smartphones and the KosherOs app store.

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