LG Classic Kosher Flip Phone (TracFone) Talk Only/Talk & Text/Talk, Text & Waze

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The LG Classic kosher flip phone is a good choice for those of us who want to use and control the phone, rather than have the phone use and control us. It also has the option to be free of text messaging and media players.

There’s almost nothing on the LG Classic kosher flip phone that will distract you from the important things in life, and is a high end flip phone.

With the large, user-friendly buttons and clean interface, it’s very easy to use. The extra-loud handset speaker and hearing aid support ensure that nothing is missed, even if you’re hard at work.

It does not have

    • Email
    • Web Browser
    • App Store

      The LG Classic Kosher Flip Phone is locked under TracFone, it will only work with companies under TracFone like Page Plus.

      New! you can now buy an unlocked kosher LG Classic phone for only $300, you can also unlock it wen you buy it locked and use it for 3 months, or by paying $150 for TracFone to unlock it, once the phone is unlocked it will work with all service providers including AT&T and T-Mobile.

        note: even it's unlocked it will only word in the USA, if you need a phone for different countries please contact us, and tell us the country you need it for.

        Note: service is not included you can separately buy a plan and enroll in auto refill by contacting us, you can see here the plans that are available.

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