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Add a service plan to your phone

Just call in to our store during regular business hours tell us witch plan you want or ask us for a plan, and get service for your phone immediately, our store number is 845-362-8255

Port your number

Wen you change service provider, we can transfer your number to the new service provider, so you don't have to lose your number with the new service provider, please contact us for more details.

Price: $25

Transfer number from one phone to another

If you have a old phone and want to transfer your number to your new phone we can port it to your new phone, so you can have your old number with your new phone, please contact us for more details.

Price: $25

Contacts Backup and Transfer

Wen getting a new phone of course you want to stay with all your contacts, we can copy it to your new phone, so you can be safe wen buying a new phone that you don't going to lose you contacts, please contact us for more details.

Price: $10 - $25

Fix Your Kosher Flip Phone

Most kosher phone can easily be fixed, if the screen is broken or not working the charging port is broken or the phone is not functioning like regular or any other problem, in some cases it just need to be reset, if still not working we will offer a special service for our costumers, that we will fix it for minimum charge, there is no guarantee that it will be fixed, but in most cases we can fix it, please contact us for more details.

Price: $10 - $75

Rent A Phone or Other Kosher Device

Rent from us a kosher cell phone, kosher smartphone, tablet or a kosher waze device, we rent for the USA, Canada, Israel or Europe, prices start as low as $2 per day, most rentals include service, please contact us for more details.

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