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What is a Kosher Phone?

A kosher phone is a mobile device that is certified as compliant with Jewish dietary laws, also known as kashrut. These laws advise what foods and other items can be consumed by observant Jews, and they also apply to certain types of technology.

LG kosher phone


The process of certifying a phone as kosher involves a thorough examination of the device and its components to ensure that they do not contain any prohibited materials or substances. This includes examining the phone's hardware, software, and any pre-installed apps or content to ensure that it does not include any unkosher items.

The certifying organizations will also look for any halakhic issues that may arise with the device, such as issues related to the internet that have improper content. This is especially relevant for the use of smartphones, which can be used for various activities that may violate the halakha.

Kosher phones are often used by observant Jews who want to ensure that their technology is in compliance with their religious beliefs. They also offer peace of mind for those who are concerned about the presence of unkosher materials or halakhic issues on their mobile devices.

When it comes to purchasing a kosher phone, it is important to look for certifications and approvals from reputable kosher certifying organizations, such as Tag, Letaher, Techloq and Meshimer. Additionally, you should consider the phone's features and compatibility with other devices, as well as its overall quality and durability.

The three main reasons why people purchase kosher phones.

  1. For religious purposes.

    Some religious groups, including Jewish ones, insist on using only kosher phones to make sure that they don't get addicted to the internet, and for other reasons, these religious groups will mostly only buy themselves a kosher phone or a phone similar to a kosher phone, and for them, it's like a must to have it, and even if someone has a phone that is not kosher, he will put a filter on it to block improper content from the internet and social media websites, which are mostly filled with unmoderated and unfiltered content. 

  2. To keep children safe.

     While on a regular smartphone a child can have access any unsecure website. People who worry for their children and want them to be safe do not prefer to let them go on those websites. Today, they will purchase a kosher phone with a blocked internet connection for their children, ensuring that their loved ones are safe and secure.

  3. For business and for employees.

    Busy business owners who don't have time to waste on social media will usually give up their smartphone with all of its luxuries and replace it with a kosher phone where the internet is blocked and they don't have access to the social media websites. Many business owners are saying that after giving up their smartphones, they found much more time in their days, accomplished more, and made even more money.

    Large businesses will not allow employees to use smartphones at work in order to ensure that they are doing the work that they are supposed to do and will encourage them to use a Kosher phone if they have an important matter about which they need to speak to someone while at work, even for business purposes. 


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