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What Apps Can I Have on My Kosher Smartphone?

 A kosher smartphone can have a variety of app's, most kosher smartphones have Email, Google maps and Waze, excluded the Safe Telecom Mehadrin kosher smartphone, (the Safe Telecom Mehadrin kosher smartphone is the most kosher smartphone, and it doesn't have any app), the...

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a kosher smartphone

What Is A Kosher Smartphone?

A kosher smartphone is usually a simple smartphones, from Apple, Samsung Google or another brand that supports the Android or iOS operating system. The kosher smartphone is modified that the browser is removed and only specific apps can be used,...

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Israel and USA

How do I call from Israel to the USA?

Calling instructions To make international calls from Israel: to call dial 019 + country code + city code + phone number Example: 019-1-212-555-5555 To send SMS text messages: To send SMS messages to the USA prefix the phone number with 001, e.g. 001-212-555-1212. to receive SMS messages, it needs to be sent to the Israeli...

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Good News! you can now apply for the EBB/ACP program an get free cell phone service up to 30.00 per month, fill out the EBB/ACP form and we'll notify you if you are approved. for help to fill out the form...

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