SAMVIX DYNAMITE Sport Kosher MP3 Player 32GB No SD Slot - Kosher Certified

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Get the most out of your music on the go with the Samvix Dynamite 32GB Sport MP3 Player. This Kosher MP3 player has a built-in memory of 32GB. After a full charge, this player will last up to 30 hours with its built-in Li-ion battery and requires no internet access to use.
Compact Sports MP3 Player
The Samvix Dynamite 32GB Sport MP3 Player is perfect for enjoying music when working out or going for walks. The large, brightly colored LCD screen makes it easy to see the display, even when you are outside in bright sunlight. Its compact size also makes it easy to carry in a pocket or purse.
Durable Design and Bluetooth Connectivity
The MP3 player features a metal case for durability, while the touch buttons and built-in speaker make it convenient to use. With wireless Bluetooth version 4.1 support, you can play the music through your Bluetooth speaker, headset, or earbuds. It also has the ability to record audio, making it perfect for lectures or events. Sort through music files with the File Browse system. It also has a clock with a stopwatch and time, shares the date, and can read eBooks.
Kosher Safe
This MP3 is also Kosher-safe for kids! It doesn't include a built-in FM radio player and has no pictures or videos installed. It also does not allow you to connect to the internet. 


  • Built-in Li-Battery, Battery life Up to 30 Hours
  • 32GB Internal Memory
  • NO SD SLOT כשר למהדרין
  • Recording – Executive Tape
  • Small size easy to take, you can put in the pocket in the wallet, no matter where you go it can go with you.
  • With COLORED Screen you can clear to see the display on the screen even in the strong Sun light.
  • External Speaker
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Touch Buttons
  • Alarm Clock
  • Calendar
  • Strong metallic body

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