a kosher smartphone

What Is A Kosher Smartphone?

A kosher smartphone is usually a simple smartphones, from Apple, Samsung Google or another brand that supports the Android or iOS operating system. The kosher smartphone is modified that the browser is removed and only specific apps can be used, such as grocery shopping apps, Waze and google maps, banking services and Jewish databases, raguly it's by the customers choice that means that the customer can choose which category app's he wants on his kosher smartphone, some kosher smartphones have a kosher app store (e.g. Safe Telecom), that you can download the latest kosher app or other app that meets the kosher quality standard of the filter you have on your smartphone.

A kosher smartphone with app's

Can I Have WhatsApp On A Kosher Smartphone?

Yes! you can have WhatsApp even on a kosher smartphone, all Safe Telecom smartphones can have WhatsApp wen you upgrade your smartphone, so you don't have to worry wen shopping for a kosher phone, for a one time cost of $25 you can upgrade your kosher smartphone to have WhatsApp too, you can ask for it wen you buy it or you can install it later from the kosher app store on your smartphone,


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