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ForeverSim Israel Sim Card

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Get a free sim to Israel wen you buy it with one of these plan's, or buy it without a plan, wen buying with a plan  you can choose to get a local number, it would be an additional charge of $5, by adding a local number to you plan you can transfer you number to the new number you will get, so people can call you directly to your phone, and you don't need to give them your new number, see in the blog instructions how to call from Israel to the US


  • 1-4 Days $20 Talk & Text + 500MB Data
  • 5-7 Days $25 Talk & Text + 2GB Data
  • 8-14 Days $35 Talk & Text + 20GB Data
  • 15-30 Days $55 Talk & Text + 50GB Data


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