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What Is A Kosher MP3 Player And Why Is It Important?

It is common for children to own an MP3 player in order to record and play music, and they appreciate it when their parents give them one. People can think about many different types of mp3 players and voice recorders, and among all of them that are commonly found is the kosher mp3 player, so people wonder what makes this different from a typical mp3 player and what it has that it should get its name of kosher mp3 player.

Definition of "Kosher"

Before explaining the difference between the kosher MP3 players and the non-kosher ones, we need to know what kosher means.

The word "kosher" comes from the Hebrew language, meaning something that was prepared in a special manner to follow a specific guideline or law. That is the meaning of it, and people can use it in different ways for different things, like kosher food is commonly used for the word kosher. However, in our case, we'll use it for an electronic device called an mp3 player, now called a kosher mp3 player.

A Kosher MP3

Now that we know what the word kosher means, let's look at what it is: the kosher MP3 player. Unlike most MP3 players, where you have no control over what it can have or what apps can be downloaded on it, the kosher MP3 player is different and cannot have all of these things. While some MP3 players come by default with radios, and some can even come with WI-FI, this allows the MP3 to function like a regular smartphone, but the kosher MP3 doesn't have that option at all.

So the term "kosher" used for the kosher MP3 player means, in two words, that it has been koshered and has followed the guideline not to have radio or internet on, because of which it gets the name "kosher MP3 player."


You may wonder why it is so important to have it kosher and what can go wrong if it is not kosher, but you should know that it is very important that it be kosher, and it's almost a must for every father and mother that cares for their children to only buy them a kosher mp3 because of the risk that a non-kosher mp3 can cause.

Having radio or internet on a MP3 player can cause addiction, making a child non-functional while on his mp3 player and getting an unlimited feed of music and other entertainment that will distract him from all other things and make him addicted to his mp3 player.

The internet, on the other hand, is not safe for children and can cause him harm, aside from the risk that strangers will abuse him and find all the harmful content that you don't want him to find there, so stay away from the non-kosher one if you care about your child's safety, and buy a kosher mp3 player.

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